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Thread: Rendering Issue Prosper Learning

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    Rendering Issue Prosper Learning


    I am a tech work for Prosper Learning and I have a question:

    I am trying to render some scenes that come with the LW9 software and I noticed that LW9 sometimes can't load certain scene files or "can't create movie," from certain scenes or outputs a "plug-in image saver failed."

    Any ideas?

    Thank you,

    All the Best, Prosper Learning

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    This message generally pops up when you're trying to render an image (or more) as a RGB file (by pressing F10), but you haven't actually specified a name for the file or where to save it (them). Click the top Render Tab, then Render Globals on the left under Options. This will open the Render Globals dialog box. There, click the Output tab, check the "Save RGB" box, and specify the name and location of the file(s) you want to save.

    Hope this helps...
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    or the codec doesn't support the resolution you're asking for.



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