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Thread: Now that you saw SE what did you think?

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    For my type of project i would only render once and then import into my app and do all the stuff there and then print to tape. yes its a half hour timline.

    Avid while a standard is imop so out of date interface wise. not to mention its fee based customer service which i have grown to hate.

    FCP might have a lot of bells and wistles but its interface is a mess, they have added so many things so fast that looking for things can be a trek, besides to make it real time you got to add some very expensive harware.

    I would be looking into fcp if it had a top storyboard interface, backgound rendering, inteligent rendering and gpu based preview and these are things that realy count when you are editing specialy with a client sitting behind you.
    have you ever tried doing this with a fcp?

    my suggestion is to have a variaty of tools and choos the best for the project.

    my setup is:

    for editing/ comp - cinegy

    for multi cam/hdv/dvd - liquid

    for idiot producers - fcp

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    The problem with Adobe is stability and workflow (IMO) while the problem with FCP is the mandatory dongle and with Avid is that’s the weakest of them all in terms of feature set and also doesn’t work with HDV.
    But all those suites can be bought for much less that would cost you to buy SE +a compositing application + audio program etc.
    Yea, I guess you can make that claim that the these apps will be cheaper in the long run. I know for me, I use VT for the majority of all my editing, but I happen to use Boris Red for compositing because I am use to it and like what it does for me. I also use After Effects for some things because I like what it does for me and I use Audition for my audio but not just for video sound but also for playing with the sound for my mp3 player. So what it boils down to is that there will never be a one size fits all type and for me, I just have the need to defend that position. I cannot wait to see what SE can do because if it is very similar to VT, then my editing time will be dramatically reduced and for me time is money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Safe Harbor
    Seriously, look at AJA before you look at Decklink (support is a BIG issue here, not to mention features...). If you have specific questions I can get our AJA specialist on the phone for you...
    AJA is has the best support team on the planet.

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