Here's a trick I use alot.
When working with separate letters scenes, you're limited to how many letters we have in the stand-in object.

The standin object does have a controller null that moves all the text even when animated.

If you want to add another line of separate letters text
go to The file pull down
load a separate letters scene
Once loaded, choose load from scene
go to the scene you previously loaded
Load all the objects, it may ask if you want to load the lights, say no

Select as the current object, Text Null 1
scrub the timebar till you can see all the text on the screen
now position the text by moving the null
once in position, hit reset key
If there is a key besides the key at zero at this point, delete it

Repeat this for text null 2

Using this process you can add as many lines of separate letters text as you need.

If you add alot you may have to start tweaking lights.

Don B