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Thread: plastic texture

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    plastic texture

    I'm new to lightwave and I'm trying to create a dirty plastic texture can anyone give me some advice?

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    simple, plain, clean, toy plastic has...

    Luminosity: low teens
    diffusion: 70's, very light dependent
    Specularity in the 50s
    Gloss in the teens

    Fancy, plain, clean toy plastic has all that plus...(don't forget to turn relevant items on in RENDER GLOBALS, longer renders)

    reflection: 1-5
    Transparency: 1-5

    My secret weapon : )....Environment tab>reflection blurring> 50+


    add a procedural turbulance texture, multiply blending mode, play with opacity...40-60ish

    use THE SAME PROCEDURAL for bump with a low amplitude. somewhere in the
    5-20% range.

    The tiny reflection + reflec blurring + the bump should really give it an earthy, blend-with-the-world-around-it vibe. Bump interacts with reflection amazingly.

    Tweak and GL



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