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Thread: Glass Transparency

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    Glass Transparency

    Well this is both a modeling and texturing question. If you was going to make a whiskey bottle with whiskey in it. would you model the bottle with just the out side polys or would you need the inside and air polys too. And how would you set up nodes to texture the glass and liquid?

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    I'd do a search if I were you.
    There is a ton of info on this within the forums already.

    Which is, by many, considered to be the definitive 'bible' for what you're after.
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    I'm sorry about asking such a simple question but what I was really having trouble with was figuring out how to use the new nodes system. I thought if you turned on the nodes you were not able to use any of the standard settings. I thought wrong I guess.

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    With nodes active, you can mix and match layered and nodal settings. If you use a nodal input, that traditional layer system de-activates. But then you can use the layered option on any surface attribute you haven't attached a Nodal input to. If that makes any sense at all. (I've only had one cup of coffee this morning...)

    In answer to the actual question - I'd go with a single layer of polys and the Direction output into a Logic node to change the IOR for the glass. Just a personal thing, but it seems to be getting good results so far.
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