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Thread: Adjusting relative Camera Dimension Scale

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    Adjusting relative Camera Dimension Scale

    I'm working on a project using 2 km and larger environments (up to and including *outer space*) with *normal* sized characters moving/flying through them, and am still encountering the same problems about Camera Dimension Scale that I have had since Version 5.0...I had hoped they would have fixed it by now, but I still haven't found a solution... I tried setting/saving the beginning and ending keyframes with the small characters before adding the environmental sized objects, without success. The main problem is that the objects (both environment and characters) very close to the camera disappear. It is possible to view in perspective modes, but this is incredibly inefficient and overly time consuming.

    I was sure by now they'd have some method of changing the relative Camera Dimension Scale in layout to match the tiny people and not be controlled by the huge environment (default).

    What do they call this *issue* in the manual (and what page)?

    Can you toggle between scales so you can visualize where the camera is for both character and environmental dimensions?

    I would love to be able to use one camera as a static stationary full shot, while following the character(s) with another camera set to their scale as they move through the scene.

    Thanks in Advance

    Addendum: Well, somehow I was able to get this problem resolved...but I don't know what I did differently. If anyone knows where the defenitive explanation is, please come forward.
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    Are you saying that you want to change the "size" of the camera?

    The only way I know how to do this is to use the [ and ] keys.

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    close & far clipping in viewports seems purelt to be dependant on the grid size - as controlled indeed by [ & ]
    one of the first things I realised back in LW 2 or thereabouts is that the zooming effect created in the viewports by changing the grid hitting "[" or "]"can be countered by - yes - zooming the other way using "," & "."
    so as you move your attention from people to plannets just adjust your grid size & zoom.
    There is a DIFFERENT clipping issue for the camera's actual renders - don't be confused by thinking that the openGL clipping in the viewports is affecting your camera.
    Do a low res test render!
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