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Thread: Scene Editor Open (Ctl+F1) doesn't open scene editor pannel

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    Scene Editor Open (Ctl+F1) doesn't open scene editor pannel

    When I try to open the scene editor or a new scene editor the panel no longer opens. The classic scene editor opens properly. Is the placement of the scene editor panel located in a config file that I can edit? Perhaps the panel is opening outside my screen resolution, but I've maxed out the screen resolution and still can't see it. Reseting layout to the default menu settings has no effect. The scene editor appears in the master plugins panel as being loaded.
    Any ideas would be appreciated!
    Kevin Kipper

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    Hmm, I would think that when you open a 'new' one it would be in sight. The only thing I can think of is deleting and reloading the scene editor plugin. Do you know that process? It's a good one to know.
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    sceneeditor.p Corrupted?

    Ergh... same thing just happened to me. Had to copy and replace from another install.
    When I tried to manually load it, Lightwave said it was "in use and cannot be written".... why would it write to the plugin? The file sizes were the same between the corrupted and virgin one.


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    You could check your Edit Keyboard Shortcuts to make sure that Ctrl-F1 is still mapped to Open (Scene Editor).


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