Hi all - been a while since I've done animation in LW, but starting to get back into it and I'm either forgetting something or doing something wrong or something is very seriously screwy with IK in 9. So, I've got a simple 2 object robot arm set up in modeler (no bones - just IK). I create a null object called "elbow", place it at the elbow of the arm, select the upper arm object, open the Motion Options panel, and set the Goal Object to "elbow" null. The null immediately snaps to the upper arms' pivot point (which is at the shoulder). Same with the wrist target and the lower arm - the null snaps the lower arms' pivot point, which is at the elbow. I haven't created a hand yet, but I don't remember this being how it worked in 8.x - am I just forgetting that? Or is this a new "time-saving" device implemented by NT - no more pesky having to place the goal nulls by hand?