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Thread: HairSpray Warning

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    HairSpray Warning

    I thought I should mention this as it is not stated anywhere on Hurley's site, but HairSpray will not work on SubPatches -- meaning it will not adhere correctly to the surfaces of low-poly meshes.

    You'll either have to freeze your mesh before applying hair, or manually adjust the guides afterward.

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    That seems like a big thing not to mention???

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    it's not that big a deal really.

    just freeze a copy of yer object and past the resulting hair back onto the subd model

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    Good point Bytehawk. I usually cut and paste the head of my model into a new file to make my guide hairs anyway, much easier to work with.

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    This is a decent workaround, but keep in mind that HairSpray also won't work in layers that contain guides (in fact, all objects in the layer must either be tris or polys.) So, you could end up doing quite a bit of cutting and pasting between layers -- especially when you need to edit your guides.

    On a side note, I found it difficult to manipulate the guides precisely. Fortunately, you can save a guide as a style file. By editing this text file, you can create very precise splines. My guess is that you could use this tool to create curves for applications other than hair.


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