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Thread: vt3 complete lock up

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    vt3 complete lock up

    VT3 complete lockup
    I have the latest update service pack VT3, but my system intermittently locks up at the most in opportune times. Sometimes Ctrl/Alt/Del doesn't help. I have to just reach over and shut down the computer. Is there an upgrade or service download that addresses this problem, or some kind of hint to try and avoid
    it. I have been unable to isolate why.
    This is 2.4 GHZ dual intel xeon processor
    2gig PC-3200 Ram
    Built by a Newtek distributor
    I am running a HUGE 600 GB U320 R series scsi externally on the system which
    is where I store all my video clips. Thanks for any help.

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    Overheating or bad power supply are 2 possibilities.

    Although without more to go on it is really hard to troubleshoot.
    What kind of clips? How long are you working? Do you do the same thing when it happens..etc...

    Since it is dealer built, a call to him is imminent.

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    If you are using a Nvidia based video card, you could try a different version of the driver. One of our VT4 machines will lock-up with the latest driver
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    Typcially, what sort of event seems to trigger the lockup? And - it seems you are saying that the entire system locks up, not just VT. Could you clarify?

    Does VT hang, or crash? Is Windows also hung afterward, or do do you mean the system remains responsive but you find it necessary to re-boot before VT will re-start properly?
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    I'm thinking Power Supply may be glitching the mobo. Besides all the other advice, have you had the VT connected to the web? Are you VPN'd to another PC that is connected to the web? I have been told that when you are VPN with a web connected PC on a router/modem, any virus can migrate across all PC's. Hope that is not the problem. I don't VPN, I FTP to the other system connected through the DSL modem.


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    wireless keyboard or mouse by chance?


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