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Thread: LW Error messages with SubD

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    LW Error messages with SubD

    I'm using LW 9 rc23 and getting the following errors when loading my scene in layout:

    Not enough memory for object polygon data


    The mesh could not be generated at the current subdivision level. The level will be reset to one.

    and then:

    The mesh could not be generated. Treating polygons as faces

    I have over 2GB of RAM, and the scene does not even contain 150 000 polygons. When I turn Subdivision display in layout to 1, the problem is okay, but I have to turn of subD in Modeller, set each layer to display level 1 subD, then pop over to Modeller and set the SubD on again, returning to Layout.

    Is there another resolution for the problem?
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    Big bug will get squashed

    I think this might be a big bug with Lightwave 9. I have similar problems. I've seen other postings about this so hopefully this will be addressed soon. I wish I could tell you a solution. For me when SubPatch display are different from render display it seems to give me that error. It's odd. I'm glad to see I'm not crazy. But on the flipside V9.0 renders alot faster than 8.5. I'm using higher radiosity levels and still rendering faster. Just trying to keep a good light on one annoying glitch. It seems to crap out between allocating memory and updating geometry.

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    Same here, but I switched from SubDivision to SubPatch and it now works somewhat better.
    9 has potential, but I hope the bugs are solved soon. (rant)
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    Ran into the same problem with about 190.000 polys. Actually I feel like killing someone, so it would be great if Erikals could explain what he ment by switching from SubDivision to SubPatch. Where, what, when, how ... Please, an answer.

    Thanks in advance

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    render subpatch level - Crashing - NewTek Discussions

    CCs and subds act differently. This is the best math example I've seen of what's going on with a lot of what you guys are stating.
    My only wish is that NewTek put in some trapcode to assist us in avoiding the crashes that invevitably follow these error messages.

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    Oh, I only use the good old SubPatch stuff and no fancyful new CCs. Memory usage is probably one of Lightwaves biggest problems. Never mind if it's rendering or opening or whatever. Strata 2.5 did have a build in native renderer like fPrime (1996 or 1998 ?), it did render what resolution ever, you could stop and save the render, burn it, transport it to another machine open it again and let it render again till it's finished. That's been ten years ago. I thought that's pretty amazing.


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    Yepp, I was refering to the SubD / SubP comparison.

    I haven't hit the extreeme poly limit u guys have encountered, I hit the top at about 1.8 mill polys. But I find that strange, thought my 2 GB would be suficient to handle like 3-4 mill polys.

    I saw Redbull was able to render as much as 10 mill polys with 2 GB ram, though that was using APS. Thread
    BredeRock was also able to render 10 mill polys, also using APS. Thread
    Steve Cullum using LW32, XP64 4GB ram was able to render 7 mill polys. (Using APS?) Thread

    Eross mentioned rendering 4 mill polys in 8.5 using 2GB ram like me, but got errors rendering it in LW9 (Thread) So Why can so many other ppl render 4mill+ polys and I hit the limit at 1.8 mill, even when using Eross trick??

    Maybe I have to go back to 8.5
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    @ Josamoto, Regenerator, Thomas M..

    Read it could be related to the GPU, wondering, what Graphics cards are you guys using, I'm using a ATI Radeon 9250.
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    I haven't checked the limit here, but I have rendered 3M polys on my old dual P3 with only 768MB ram. The graphics card isn't that hot either, a GeForce2 with 64MB ram. :-/

    Edit: little typo. 3M, not 2M...
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    Well, here it's a NVidia Geforce FX5700. I don't have a clue if this is something or just a crappy consumer card. At least mine got 256MB. The funny stuff is that I could open the object layer when I copied it to an empty object from the object where it has been on layer 50 something. Also only the one layer was active, it seemed to make a difference. But when I switched SubD order I ran into the same problems. Well, I consider it a bug, because LW should be able to find ways to render every resolution, any image map size and poly amount what so ever. If the RAM can't handle it, LW should use the HD space as RAM. I hoped LW9 would make a difference.


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    Ya know, I agree with that statement.
    I thought that's why it broke things into segments. But even that doesn't happen when it starts spinning down the drain toward a crash.


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