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Thread: weight map normalization

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    weight map normalization

    Hi, I'm having trouble normalizing my weight maps. I created the maps using the Bone Weights command, so my map values are extremely high at some vertices (>60000.00%). These values are causing me problems even if I have "Weight Normalization" set under a bone's motion properties.

    When I normalize a map in modeler, the weight map just disappears instead of recalculating all the vertice values to within the specified range. The window options seem simple enough, and this should be a pretty simple function. All I'm trying to do is scale down these extremely high numbers to a respectable 0 - 100%.

    Any ideas? Thanks

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    But where is my head??? jeanphi's Avatar
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    Did you try to use "vertex paint" in modeler?
    The weight normalisation works good there.

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    Wow, jeanphi, thanks. I had no idea this was available. I'll take a look. Thanks a million!

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    I find vertex paint's bone weight function calculation easier to use as well as its normalize function.

    Shawn "DragonFist" Smith


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