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Thread: i am in love with Irene King :)

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    i am in love with Irene King :)

    i always told myself i will marry girl that have connection with lw

    newtek can i have her? hehehe

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    Ok, I'll bite: Who is Irene King?

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    She's in charge of Newtek U.S. East Coast sales. I know this because that's who I called to get my LW 6.x-7 upgrade.

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    Irene is waiting on your call to order some software.....

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    I see the start of a new reality show.

    Dan millionaire dates telemarketers. Phone dates by the minute. But is Dan a millionaire? Will Buffy take the bait? Does Homer go on the wagon? Sorry, strange day today.
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    lol ... yeah, or the next contest prize might be a date with a Newtek employee.

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