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Thread: Please help.....?

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    Please help.....?

    This may sound crazy, but i just got this program and i dont have the slightest idea of what to do. I know what your thinking but could anybody take a minutes and kind of give me some idea how what i need to do first or how to make pictures. something simple. anything. i appreciate your help.


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    Hello Mr. Jibbs,

    I think the best thing you could really do, is to start messing around with primitive shapes. Start using some of the basic tools on faces, like bevel (b), smoothshift (shift+f), extender plus (e), extrude (shift+e), etc...

    Also hit your Tab key, to turn on subdivision surfaces, and manipulate them, see what you can do. Just explore the program.

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    This should get you started.

    Lightwave Resources

    Scott Cameron’s Collection of Lightwave tutorials on the web:
    Newtek’s main tutorial page,
    Newtek video’s (Most of Proton’s listed here)
    LW 8 Demo’s by Newtek
    LW9 Demo's by Newtek
    Spinquad list of tutorials
    Kurv Studio
    3d Training Online – by SplineGod
    Dan Ablan
    Simply Lightwave
    puff and larkin
    Lost Pencil
    Desktop Images
    Toby Gaines Smoothing tutorial
    Starbase1’s Lightwave Ringed Planet
    Silkrooster’s Video’s
    Silkrooster’s list of tip’s tricks and how-to’s
    Second Reality modeling tutorials
    Asile FX
    Tutor FX

    Inside Lightwave 8 by Dan Ablan
    Lightwave 3D 8 Texturing by Leigh van der Byl
    Essential Lightwave 3D by Timothy Albee
    Lightwave 3D [8] Cartoon Character Creation vol 1 and 2 by Jonny Gorden

    Kurv Studio
    Simply Lightwave
    Lightwave Group V3

    BeeVee’s Lightwiki
    Wiki CG, Computer Graphic Encyclopedia
    Darkling Simulations

    Plug – in databases
    Wiki3dpedia at

    If I missed anyone my apologies as this is going to be a growing database. Anyone wishing to be listed, please pm me or access my forum and post a message.
    Silk - temporarily offline due to updating...
    Spinquad Forum - Closed Sorry...
    lightwave-resources.pdf - - temporarily offline due to updating...

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    1. Open Modeler.
    2. Hit Shift-"X" on keyboard.
    3. Draw a square in top left viewport.
    4. Drag out a square shape in lower left viewport.
    5. Hit ENTER.
    6. Hold the ALT key down with your left hand and left click in upper right viewport to "tumble" your model in the perspective view.
    7. Hit CTRL - "h" to go to Polygon select mode.
    8. Click on any one side of your cube. (A single polygon should be selected.)
    9. Hit "b" and left click and drag. This will bevel the polygon.
    10. Hit "q" to create a basic surface. Name it "Cube Surface" and pick a color in the little grey square (color picker). Hit OK.
    11. Hit "s" to SAVE and name the model "Cube". The *.lwo extension stands for Lightwave Object.
    12. In the upper right corner of Modeler, click on the little black triangle and select "Send Object to Layout".
    13. In Layout, you arrange your object into a "Scene", you set up your lights, camera and define motions. For now, just hit "F9" on your keyboard for a quick render.

    This is your most basic production work flow. From here on, you can start adding layers of complexity and detail, but all projects are similar in this regard.

    OK ... we expect to see something on the "Gallery: Work-In-Progress" forum by the end of the week. Good luck and have fun!

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    Or, if you want someone to smoothly guide you through Lightwave, then play some video tutorials that Silkroost so generously has paste again, and/or you can order video tutorials from known artists like: Dan Ablan, Larry Schults, Kurv and so on.

    One thing I wont recomend is to try your first attempt with a book. WHy read and struggle to find the right clicks when you can se how its done right on front of you. Its not that straightforward then with a video tutorial.

    By the way, welcome here. Youll find Lightwave to be alot of fun and creative. Do keep the two balanced...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr jibbs
    This may sound crazy, but i just got this program and i dont have the slightest idea of what to do.
    Mr. Jibbs
    You’re not crazy for coming here to the forum. I am new too and before I found the form I bought the last two books Silk listed. I put them aside and started with the videos and got Dan Ablan’s Lightwave 8 Signature Courseware at 3D I now use the videos like Silk has listed and the books are great to reference while you are working!
    Dan’s course is a great step by step visual so you can watch and learn then jump right in and get experience by doing. (Hands-on). Stick to the forum and listen to these guys/gals that have years of modeling behind them.

    BusyWolf's commin' Hide your Heart Girl

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    Wow. I didnt expect this much positive feedback. Thank all of you for your help. Special thanks to Cobalt for explaining how to do a simple cube. Even that was pretty cool to see develope. I can only imagine whats in store for me when i grasp this software. Just looking at the galleries on the site is what made me just go randomly buy this program. I dont have a clue what im doing but i am so incredibly amazed at what this stuff can do. I really appreciate your tips and all those links from Silkroost. I will be studying like crazy just so i can learn how to take full advantage of this awesome program. I think my main goal is to be able to make houses for my real estate business. I thought it would be cool to draw my clients houses for them. Something to work on i guess. Thanks again and I will be back with more ?'s.

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    Mr Jibbs,

    If you're interested in getting a very good introduction to 3d modelling and Lightwave3D at the same time, get your hands on a copy of Timothy Albee's Essential Lightwave 3D 8. (ISBN 1-55622-082-0). It's more or less a manual with tutorials to get you up to speed within Lightwave in no time.

    Even better, a free 3 hour movie tutorial can be downloaded for free at First you will have to register for free, though. They offer 1.5 hour of introductory movie tutorials and 1.5 hours worth of spaceship modelling.

    Have fun & welcome aboard.




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