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Thread: Lightwave job

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    Lightwave job

    Does anyone know where to post for for people who want paid 3D model work to be done in Lightwave? I am part of an indie game dev team and no one on the team is good at doing human character models. We would need animations as well as lip synch.

    I do know about TurboSquid, but we want some standard (walk, run) as well as some custom (sit, go to sleep, etc) animations done.

    Thanks. I don't know where to go for this and thought someone here would know.

    We would prefer they are updated in their version of Lightwave to keep with our version.

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    I could model. But its NOT Photorealistic. I do toons, like Toy Story, Shrek and the like. Heres my e-mail: [email protected]


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