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Thread: New LightWave Profile - Dogfight

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    New LightWave Profile - Dogfight

    Interview with Radical 3D about Visual Effects for Dogfight
    June 01, 2006

    Radical 3D is the VFX house behind the History Channel special Dogfights: The Greatest Air Battles. Utilizing LightWave 3D, Radical 3D produced over 270 FX shots, nearly 45 minutes of original animation for the show, on only four workstations. The animation was of sufficient quality to make some History Channel representatives believe they were viewing actual historical camera footage. With the success of the special, Radical 3D is now working with the History Channel to produce an ongoing series, Dogfight, to begin airing this fall. We recently spoke to Jason McKinley, owner of Radical 3D about his experiences trying to get this new series off the ground.
    Full profile...
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    Caught the show on the History Channel. Was blown away. Reccoment everyone take a look, you'll recognize it as CG, but that makes it even more impressive.


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