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Thread: depth of field and glow refraction problems...

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    depth of field and glow refraction problems...

    I scrapped the idea of LA or something in the backdrop...I just have to find something that works. Anyway, can anyone tell me why my glow and depth of field blur don't show up in a refraction on glass and what to do about it? I tried blurring it, but then the girl inside the tube is blurred as well and I don't want that. Is there a way to get around this that anyone knows of? I don't know how to put a picture of it up here, otherwise I would....


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    ah, as it turns out it was only the glass there a way to do focal blur and glow through a trasparent texture? The only way I found to do it so far is to do a render of behind the glass, then a render of the glass and in front and put them together...that doesn't turn out to look as good as it would, there a way to fix the focal blur and glow so that it works with a glass texture?



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