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Thread: LW9 - Faster (streaming) MDD loader PLEASE

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    LW9 - Faster (streaming) MDD loader PLEASE

    Can you guys take a page from XSI and Messiah concerning the use of (your) mdd format loader. the information is read per frame rather than loaded into memory. Its faster and doesn't require reselecting/reloading the mdd file.
    Its your format and you guys should be at the forefront of its use.

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    I agree that it is not good to load (scan) all MDD data during loading a scene.
    Programming is a hard process of bugs creation, and then even harder their elimination.

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    Its a shame. Other apps, plugin developers made MDD format so effective, see MDD modeling.

    LW MDD is slow in scanning, hard to save, hard to load

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    denis pontonnier :

    A streaming mdd loader ..




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    what benefit does it have over md plug? you can specify load limit there, and it comes with LW. 0 is whole timeline, then 1 and up is how many frames to load at once.

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    denis :

    I .. found a bug (see new updated file on my page)
    when using a subpatched object user got an error with point number ..

    Updated (05 / 08 / 06):

    -It didn't work with subpatched object, fixed,
    don't forget to set "Subdivision Order" to "Last",
    before loading MDD file.
    -Composite "End-Behavior" has been removed,
    compositing with previous displacement is now allowed
    with "Key-Move" set to "ON".
    -A "Reset" mode has been added as "End-Behavior".

    see also :


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