Hi. I like to see a spline text tool for the text menu in modeler. It works the same way as the regular text tool but the "text" that is typed will be in the form of splines instead of polygons. The splines can be used in rail extrudes to make 3D text objects.

This tool will have some extras, too:

Background Extrude
In properties, users can have the option of using a background object for immediate rail extrude. This option will do the extrude automatically as the text is typed so that it doesn't have to be done manually.

Seperate Text
Another option that will be available will place each letter/number/symbol of the message into its own layer. They will be put in empty layers and in the correct position, too. Seperating the text will allow the user to give each item it's own look. After working on the text, the user can then put them back together in one layer to complete a complex 3D message.