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Thread: Fix Replace Object

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    Fix Replace Object

    At the moment, Replace Object does not really replace the object...
    It will replace the object layer with another object layer....

    For example.... If i replace an object with 2 layers, with a new object which
    has 5 layers, only the first two layers are replaced...
    This works in reverse as well..

    It should replace the object and not the object layers....
    We already have a replace object layer, no wait.... make that we have two of them....

    This was improved in 8.x, but it's still essentially the same problem i had before.

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    I haven't seen this problem. Just select the first layer of the object to be replaced and all layers gets replaced as long as there is the same number of layers in the new object.

    Edit: Sorry - mis read your post! I see what your saying now.
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    It depends on how the object was loaded. If it was loaded all at once and has not synced with modeler, selecting the first layer and replacing it will replace all the other layers too.

    however, if you use the hub at all and changed the number/arrangement of layers in the file, or layers were loaded individually to any degree, you'll be stuck replacing each individually.

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    I'll try and explain it a little better....
    I use low poly proxy objects for placement, before modeling is complete.
    Previz basically, so i use "Replace Object" to replace say a 1 layer box,
    with a 200 layer final object.... So it's in the same position.
    (basically just using the position of the boxes pivot point)

    Hitting "Replace Object" will replace my 1 layer box, with Layer 1 of my 200 layer final object..... Meaning it does not replace the other 199 layers..
    This has been bugging me forever.

    If my original object has 50 layers, it will replace 50 layers.....

    Ideally the requester for "Replace Object Layers" should allow you to allow seperation of layers.... So..... 1,15,20 Could load those layers from the new object, or a range say.... 1-200 would load layers 1 to 200.....

    That way Replace Object would replace the whole thing, and Replace object layers, would allow to select a range or selection of layers..

    And Jeremy: I don't use the hub anymore.. Not since 7.x.
    "selecting the first layer and replacing it will replace all the other layers too."

    The problem i'm having is my proxy objects are usually simple 1 or two layer objects... Final objects can contain any number of layers...

    So there are no "other layers too" i'm simply replacing a 1 layer object.
    with 1 layer, i want to replace 1 object, with 1 object.....

    People and LW seem to assume i will want to replace one object, with an identicle object...... Which seems like a silly idea for LW to do...
    Because i never do....

    The irony is.... If i wanted to just replace The 1 layer box, with just one other layered object.... (or identicle object) I could just use "Replace Object Layer" and replace layer 1. There is no easy way to get new or other layers...?

    Anyway i could likely program something myself to do it, but i'm lazy...
    And it's been bugging me for years.

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    Redbull, I know what you're saying. I was backing up what you were saying.

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    I'm also with you on this one. I don't like it as it is today.


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