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Thread: Expression help - item rotation relative to another item

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    Expression help - item rotation relative to another item


    I've got a guideRig which has all fancy pants bones, and the game rig which is a simple skeleton. In the case of a few bones, such as the thigh, there is a bone before it in the guideRig for better control, but this means if I simply apply follower to the thigh in the gameRig to follow the thigh in the guideRig, it will miss any of the rotations of the extra bone. Therefore, I need to grab the rotation of the bone relative to the rotation of the pelvis bone (which is the next bone up the heirachy in the gameRig) rather than relative to its parent in the guideRig (the little extra joint I'm using - which isn't present in the gameRig).

    Here's an image to illustrate what I need to do. The highlighted bone needs to follow the one next to it, but it needs to be relative to that base bone rather than the 2nd, middle joint:

    And the scene file..

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    Call me dense, but I can't figure out what you're trying to do here. Can you draw some arrows or something on that JPEG so I can get a handle on this?



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