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Thread: Complete Nasa Seals Movie Now Online

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    Complete Nasa Seals Movie Now Online

    Complete Nasa Seals Movie Now Online:

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    What I just downloaded is still the preview teaser. Is the link wrong, or is this the finished thing?


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    You have the page Cached.

    Do a hard-refresh and you should be set.

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    Nope. The page you posted links to

    I cleared my cache, and re-loaded several times, with the same result.

    I did, however, get clever, and just went to the movies directory, and found

    Not sure what's really going on with the webpage. I took a look at the source, and found this:

    <param name="src" value="">
    <embed src="" width="420" height="245" autoplay="false"

    I'm not a web guru, but it looks like it's trying to link to both or something. It may work properly on something other than IE.


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    I had the same difficulty. After the movie downloaded, the screen went black, but started up immediately after I double-clicked in the center of the screen where the movie should have appeared...

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    I had the same problem..
    I think maybe because of this line "autoplay="false"

    so I did the ftp url instead.

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    Ginhan is right. If you pull out the ftp link it will take you directly to the movie.
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