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Thread: Please help me cure my swapped ALT key functions!!

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    Please help me cure my swapped ALT key functions!!

    Is there anyway to swap over the ALT keys functions?

    For some reason my right ALT controls the viewport zoom rather then the pan in orthographic view and rotate in perspective view? Thats been assigned to the left ALT. My workflow is completely screwed because of this, I go waaaay back with LW and there's no way I'm changing now.

    I know this problem doesn't affect other users but I can't work out why my machine is causing this swapping of the ALT keys functions? The only partial cure I've found for it is to keep switching over to a US keyboard (I'm in the UK) configuration but it's very annoying to continually have to do this!

    I'm using version 8 but I know this problem still exists on 8.5 also. I've checked through the configure keys panel but can't find single ALT key definitions there.

    Anyone know how I can clear this up!?

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    I don't think it's ever been changed. The right Alt key isn't just Alt - it's Alt and Ctrl, which is why it's controlling zoom. The Amiga used to have a pure Alt key on the right...

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    This is the problem though.

    I know other people don't have this swapping of ALT keys functions. For some reason though its happening to mine! I've just done a complete format reinstall of XP and its still producing this result.

    Can anyone think of any reason why my pc is causing this!?

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    Every PC i've ever owned has done the ALT +CTRL thing when just the right ALT button is pressed.

    The only thing that i would have thought determines this is the keyboard itself, or possibly Windows too.

    BUT, i'm sure someone out there would have made a simple drivers that could alter the way the keys work!
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