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Thread: Cloning an object to replicate and fill the volume of another object?

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    Cloning an object to replicate and fill the volume of another object?

    Hopefully some kindly soul may know the solution.

    I had the idea to create a leaf object and initially had wondered whether I could automatically replicate it to fill the area of a bg closed curve i.e the shape replicated but only on the x and y.

    Even better would be a function so where they overlapped they would move in the z depth so one mesh didn't run into another

    and then also wondered if the a similar replicating effect could be created but this time filling a background 3d volume?

    Can these kind of results be achieved?

    Best Regards

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    you may want to use a PontClonePlus or PointCloneExtra4 to clone these leaf objects into points (this in modeler, btw).

    to get a 2d point cloud in a customised shape, first build the 2d shape. put that in the background layer. use PointSpray to place random points in the foreground layer. then run Template Drill > Axis Z, Operation Core. this will give you a "sliced" point cloud. flatten this point cloud using Set Value and Merge Points to a threshold distance of your choosing. then use a point cloner to clone objects into the points.

    to get a 3d volume point clouds, do the same thing, meaning create first your 3d object and put it in the background layer. then create the point cloud using SprayPoint making sure that the points overfill the 3d object. then execute Boolean CSG > Intersect. you will get a point cloud inside the 3d object.
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    Thanks faulknermano for a great suggestion in solving my problem .

    Much appreciated.


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