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Thread: Have you seen StarWreck ? Let's see it! Lw inside

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    Have you seen StarWreck ? Let's see it! Lw inside

    Any one have seen it ?
    i just download it now, 1h and 30 of movie, with a lot of fx did with lightwave, an amazing production.
    check it!
    you can download it with bittorrent, it arrive at speed of light
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    Hi! You might wanna use the address, it directs you to the closest server. BTW, and thank you for the kind words

    Oh, and this was my first post here I think it won't be the last...Feel free to comment the ugly and the positive about our movie, don't mind me, I can take it by now

    -Samuli Torssonen (the guy behind the special effects)

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    I saw trailers of that a while a couple of weeks ago and was blown away. You and your "crew" should be proud Samuli; your work is hilarious as well as being high quality. I'm going to download the whole thing this weekend sometime. Keep up the good work!

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    The trailer was good. One part that kinda got me smiling. Some guy was saying something about fighting to the death or something like that and the response from the other guy was. "Have some light balls"

    I will download it later and watch when I have time.

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    I downloaded it a few monthes ago and watched it.
    FANTASTIC work. Just as good as any other production for techincal quality I've seen. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Good work Samuli and your team.

    - Mikko

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    Star Wreck rocks Samuli, you did a brilliant job on the VFX. Definately broadcast-grade almost everywhere. It's laugh-out-loud funny as well.

    Thanks very much indeed! Any chance of a close-up of the Kickstart?
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    VFX looked as good as anything I've seen on Telly...out of interest...did they need to get permission from Paramount to do the film.... Anyone know?
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