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Thread: Import from illustrator

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    Import from illustrator

    I'd like to know how to import from Illustrator to Inspire.

    I'm trying import some text and it doesn't work.

    I've tried using illustrator file types from 4.0 to 9.

    Any Ideas?


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    Try EPS format.
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    It may be having trouble finding the font, especially if you're using different machines. Try saving the font with the file (check Embed All Fonts when saving the file), or better yet, try converting the text to outlines before saving it (in V9, you select the text box, then do Type/Create Outlines. Do this last because you won't be able to edit the text with the text tool again).

    I use LW (7.5) not Inspire, but it usually loads .ai files from the EPS importer pretty well (save the file in AI's native format, not EPS). I vaguely recall it likes V8 files, not V9. Personally I haven't had much luck with .eps files from AI, go figure.

    Good luck! -MG


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