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Thread: Help me make this better...honest opinions welcome.

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    Help me make this better...honest opinions welcome.

    This year at my church, I decided to make the switch to video announcements. The first three weeks of showing announcements, everyone clapped. Now, they don't...Probably because they expect to see video announcements now.

    If you have a couple of minutes, please take a look and let me know if you think they are ok, or if there are things we should do better (excusing the talents of course, we have a team of about 12 people who will rotate as anchors of the news cast). The background is an image of our city I found on the web. I used VT's Chroma Key to get it done.
    Also, where can I go to learn Lightwave, we're in Alabama. And can the VT4.6 switch live 16:9 video?


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    Nothing there - link don't work

    Link doesn't seem to be working.

    New link still not working

    This link works:
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  3. #3 - add ".htm" on the end

    And VT works "video in = video out", meingin that it switched 16:9 fine. The monitors can also be switched to 16:9 - some features however can't be - like the DDR monitors or the CGer (which sucks). Also aspect dependent transistions (like a circle wipe) will look funny.

    - Mikko

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    Good job

    Quote Originally Posted by TAV Media
    This year at my church, I decided to make the switch to video announcements. The first three weeks of showing announcements, everyone clapped. Now, they don't...Probably because they expect to see video announcements now.
    Yes, people get used to the new stuff fast - if it is good! The people watching won't clap anymore because it looks just like the local TV news and because "church video news" is not a new step forward anymore - it's three weeks old.

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    I think the project looks very good and has a consistent feel to it throughout. The table cloth is the cheesiest looking thing in the broadcast as it doesnt hold up with the quality of the talent's wardrobe or the graphics. Its a small thing, but I would change that (or cover it with a nice lower third). Also, the word everyone is spelled incorrectly on one of the first CG screens that fade in. Im sure your audience is engaged to the messages and the way you portray them.

    Rich O.

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    Thanks Rich,
    I made the change.

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    Great Job!

    I agree loose the cloth. I would recommend the on air talent move faster and prepare more. The guy is a little too slow. That is being very critical I know:but overall you have a fine program there.

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    That's great!!!!

    i would recommend that you get members of your church organiazations to be more involved.

    you mention stuff like New Life Group, The Learning Center, the Bookstore, to name a few. instead of having your anchors announce it have a rep from each organization talk about what they're offering that week.

    an example would be interview the "spokesperson" of your support group. have them talk about it's meeting times and purpose and maybe interview a member of the group and have them explain how it's helped them. sort of like news packages. it will give your program a little more enery when you keep changing your scenes instead of just focusing on your anchors and billboards all the time.

    if your announcing food drive or fundraisers, have the organizers come on set and tell everyone about it. that way if your members see these organizers on the street they can write a check or talked to them more about thier projects.

    also get members of your ministry involved not counting your 12 anchors. have a guest announcer from your congregation come on once a month do a small part. most people duck and cover when ask to be on TV but secretly everyone loves the attention.

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    The font you use for the slides doesn't look very good. You can also spice up the presentation by showing relevant footage, instead of just a slide. Show people doing things and being involved that your audience can make a connection with. Try watching your local news with an eye for how they do stories--you'll see this effect. Good luck!

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    stevestrike and jport are right have cuts to whatever your,talking about,
    when going to other onscreen talent use a tickertape lower third for the info while they are explaining the event.

    It looks like you've fallen into the same rut that some smalltown local TV stations do thier news, just the newscasters and some onscreen info, watch the major stations and take notes.

    It was going in the right direction when you switched to the sports report, then fell back.

    I don't remember so it didn't leave an impression, did they smile?

    gee..I didn't mean to sound so mean
    it might be a small town production but it can be made to look 'Big' time

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    Great start! I think your graphics are OK but everything can be inproved. The table cloth is the 1st thing that should go. Having a close shot for each anchor would help a lot. I do you have a big computer monitor you could use as a prompter? It may help out the guy since he doesn't have the flow like your female anchor.

    Again, good starting point. It looks like you need to shoot a lot of B roll to throw in though!!

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    Very nice. As someone looking to expand out ministry some more, this gives me some great ideas!

    I think you've done a great job for just starting this up. One issue, having to do with your website. The use of the embedded MediaPlayer didn't work with my Firefox 1.5. I had to open IE to make it work. Was a pain. Just something to think about!

    Good luck with your ministry!

    Todd Voge
    Trinity Radio and Video Services Inc

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    Thanks for the comments. It is our first time doing the video announcements. When working on commercials and other projects, there is usually more flare to what we do. The announcements are just an add on to an already stretched for time schedule. I'll look into getting more footage to add, and use cuts more for graphics.

    Also, the talents all have different skill levels. This was the guys first time on camera, last month was a different set of anchors. Currently, they are to memorize scripts as best they can. We don't have a prompter, i thought about hooking up a tv to a laptop or something.

    And to Todd Voge, i just added that in recently, our new website is due in a couple of weeks, it should be up then. It looks much better than whats up now, and it will have more features. We plan to handle all streams through The current site is something I did quickly.
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