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Thread: Anyone use Archicad here?

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    Anyone use Archicad here?

    Hi. I have a client who uses Archicad and need to give him some 3ds files. What are the rotation settings in Lightwave Modeler export, so that the files import into Archicad with the right orientation and size?

    Thx in advance!
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    Chris Burkert

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    Hi Chris,

    I don't know if this helps, but who knows...

    I have to use Archicad but I always export in the other direction. I save Archicad files as Wavefront objects (.obj), in archicad I have to "set drawing unit to: 1000.00mm" and "Model rotated".

    Lightwave's y-axis is Archicad's z-axis (the one that points up into the sky), so the model has to be rotated at some point during the export-import process. Archicad works with real-world dimensions, just like Lightwave. Unfortunately the formats you use for the import don't, they just have abstract "drawing units". Lightwave converts 1 metre to 1 drawing unit (at least that's the default on my system, I use SI as my unit system). That means your clients would have to set the drawing unit to 1 meter in Archicad's import translator. Tadah---scale is right even if they work w/ feet and inches.

    As I said, I always do it the other way around (Archicad--->LW), but I just tried what you want to do to a somewhat limited success:

    - Archicad's importers: My version only has the "dxf-dwg In-Out.apx" add-on, all other add-ons are for export only. This may be different with other versions of Archicad, I use 8.1. Bottom line: I was only able to import a dxf file, and that worked just fine. EXCEPT...

    - Rotation (Modeler): I did not find any settings for the export into dxf (or any other format). Are there any??? The Archicad import dialogue did not offer the rotation option either (unlike the export), so I guess the answer is to rotate the model manually in Modeler...

    - Scale: That one was straight-forward. Just tell your clients that one drawing unit equals one metre and they should be able to take it from there (I hope).

    Good luck!


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    I have never herd of Archicad before. But it has been my experience in the pas from working with LightWAVE and other cad programs. What works for me is to make all of my models in lightwave in units of meters. Than I import my model from lightwave’s modeler in the units that you need in that CAD package. In other words, if I want something to be imported into AutoCAD or some other CAD program, than I make it in meters in lightwave’s modeler, and ask the person who I am making that file for, to import it in there CAD program as inches or feet or meters. Or what ever units that they are working with. This way, there are no resizing or scaling issues to deal with. No math is involved.

    Too get to the point. One meter in lightwave’s modeler --<<IS>>-- one unit. And that one unit in any other CAD program, --<<IS>>-- what ever he or she choose to import it in as.

    And I usually use Rhino3D to do the conversion for me.

    I hope that this helps.


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