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Thread: VT4.6 and PPro2 do not play nice together

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    VT4.6 and PPro2 do not play nice together

    Just a heads up everyone, if you look in the troubleshooter forum I was having VT4.6 problems with missing dlls. Well the problem wasn't VT it was the fact Ihad just installed Premiere Pro 2.0. For the first time it appears that Adobe no longer wants to play nice with Newtek. This sucks I've had Premiere installed since 6.5 for little things and was looking forward to using it's multicam capabilities in conjuction with VT.

    On another note, After Effects 7, is black and white on the outboard monitor when using VT as a framebuffer. I never tried doing this before, relying strictly on the computer monitor when working in AE in the past, was that the same with previous versions?
    Brian Peterson
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    Actually, if you are using AE when VT4 is not running, it will start off as b/w...

    The quick fix for this is to open AfterFX first, then open up a DDR from the start menu, without starting the entire VT[4] environment. Once DDR comes up the chroma will kick in. Then you can exit out of DDR and jump back into AfterFX with everything working fine.

    Hope this helps.

    Kevin Petajan
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