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Thread: About LCD, CRT monitors

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    About LCD, CRT monitors

    I want buy new monitor, but don`t know LCD or CRT monitor better?
    Have You any suggestion?

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    Went from dual CRTs on all compys to LCDs
    would never go back
    had all 19" and LCDs are 17 but the realestate that I gave up is quite minor (19 " were 18 viewable) 17s are 17 viewable.
    The DESK real estate I GAINED is wonderful, now I can fit a few manuals, my Ring Dings and milk, and my ciggys and a bigger ashtray so I don't have to empty it so often.

    One thing I've noticed tho is the refresh time, my envisions are 8 ms refresh and the samsungs are 25.

    milliseconds don't seem like much but there is a slight delay that I checked when I mixed the brands on the same machine.
    the samsungs are behind in the updating on the screen.

    but the clarity is great on both compared to a crt

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    Other than space saving I dont like LCDs.
    I bought 2 x "LG" LCDs and had them pluged on my Geforce.
    The colours were totally wrong. I couldnt see a stepped gradient from black to white compared to crystal clear CRT.

    Having wrong monitor is one of the worst scenarios an artist may experience.
    I swapped the one LCD with an CRT and recovered my old monitoring system.

    LCDs are good for desks, accountants, airports, etc but not for 2D/3D work.

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    tnx for your opinion

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    One thing good about LCD flat panels is that because the screens are 100% flat you have no distortion of your image at all. Verticals and horizontals are perfect and make lining things up much easier.

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    I'm using 2 19" TFT monitors (1 Samsung, 1 Digimate. The Digimate is going back, though, since it's playing up. I'm, replacing it with another Samsung), and I wouldn't go back to CRTs. They are crystal clear (especially using DVI inputs), and the space saving is fantastic. I used to have a big desk with 1 17" CRT and a 21" CRT (I had to move the desk a foot further away from the wall, just to get that beast ON it); I now have a smaller desk (and therefore more space for coffee mugs )
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    Well, I just got a new 20" TFT from Samsung... and I wouldn't trade it for a CRT. Colour issues have almost disappeared nowadays, especially if you consider the fact that is it hard to get a high quality CRT - and a decent LCD beats a bad CRT hands down.

    Edit: You should spend a little time setting up the display though, but that goes for CRTs as well.


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