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Thread: HD for both live switch and post environments

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    HD for both live switch and post environments

    Apologies if this has been answered 100 times.

    Has anyone experience with re-tooling their studio/church/etc with HD? Cameras, switcher, audio, decks, monitors, power, anything..along with at least one non-linear HD station?

    Is this a $50,000 upgrade, assuming camera quality looks similar to 'American Idol' field shoots? (I keep hearing that AI is using those $3,500 cameras - it looks ok to me.) Or is this still a 100k+ world just to get started?

    Any breakdowns are appreciated.


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    HD is pricy, any way you cut it.

    I think the cheapest viable option would be to use a Ross Synergy 100 MD switcher with XL-H1 cameras. It woudl probabaly actually be Decks that killed you, unless you used HDV, but then you'd need Component -> HD-SDI converters to go to the swticher. HD monitors are expensive too, but you could probabaly do most of your monitoring in SD.

    Taped HD is one thing, with all these lwo end HD cameras comign out, but Live is a whoel different kettle of fish. I really don't recall what a Synergy 100 MD costs, but that woudl be the key to the price of the system. The SD version is around $18k

    So far (and I doub't in the too near future) NT doesn't provide any viable HD options. - And you'd still need all the other gear.

    - Mikko

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    Jeff, this is what I've been discussing on several forums. To move to HD, you gotta count on more then the cameras.
    Don't forget about cam support gear, i.e. batteries, lenses, filters, Teleprompters etc. I don't think current teleprompter setups will work for 16 X 9 lens systems.
    HD monitors, studio and field, (in your case, possibly each camera).
    Then like mikko said, at least one deck for source/output.
    In our case, the best option would be a deck that can play/record several DV options with SD/HD in/out conversion. The ones I'm considering are about $40-65K last time I looked.
    Most likely a HD-DVD deck. I've heard about $500 for the first generation.

    The cost of opening up Monday morning as a HD facility is going to be huge. Keep us informed of your decisions and we'll do the same.
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    Don't forget about cables. When we installed cameras in our sanctuary last fall we used HD-SDI cabling for the compostire runs. When we switch over to HD we shouldn't need to re-pull all that cable.

    Just because it's got BNC heads doesn't mean it's gonna work.....

    Chuck Dotson
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