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Thread: Upcoming plugin adds a second toolbar to LW

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    Upcoming plugin adds a second toolbar to LW

    Here are a couple of screenshots of an upcoming plugin that will allow you to have a second toolbar available for both Layout and Modeler.
    This second toolbar can be placed anywhere on the screen you like. Currently I’m working with an alpha version and only have a single “worksheet” of favorites assigned- (one can have multiple “worksheets” assigned per app if desired) but even with this simple configuration my workflow has increased tremendously and the constant jumping back and forth through menus has been greatly reduced. I’m one of those that use tons of plugins, especially in Modeler.
    Regardless of what menu tab I’m have up, my favorite tools are now always easily available…similar to Lightwave’s own “Top Menu” feature, but better. Plain and simple, it gives me a more ergonomic workflow. I don’t have to remember as many keyboard shortcuts and since I despise using multi-key combinations I no longer have to deal with that.

    As an added bonus you can also launch Windows shortcuts (those recognized by the operating system) directly from this plugin while in LW.

    Estimated release date of the initial version is February 1st.

    Craig Paup
    Digital EFX Group

    Emilio Douglas
    Brandon Elting
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    Sweet!! Can't wait! This is specially useful with a dual screen setup like what I've got right now.
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    Mac version please!

    About time someone came up with something like this. Actually, it's like a 'why hasn't anyone done this before?' sort of reaction. Well done.

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    sweeet !!

    any chance of undockable menu groups like in Maya ?

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    Nice work
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    Quote Originally Posted by toonafish
    sweeet !!

    any chance of undockable menu groups like in Maya ?
    Agreed. Making it undockable would be a substantial improvement for those of us with side-by-side monitors.


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