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Thread: Marching an army over terrain...

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    Marching an army over terrain...

    I'm having a bit of trouble getting the effect i thought was going to be pretty simple. I'm using the technique for creating a crowd by linking an animated character to a particle emitter. This is fine for flat surfaces, but I want to march my men over a terrain object. I thought okay, Ill just make the terrain a collision object and add some gravity to hold the men down. Unfortunatly this makes the men flow like water or rolling balls. I want them to stick to the surface of the terrain but only have them move forwards due to the particle motion...

    Does anyone know a good technique? Or even understand what I'm trying here?

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    I'm not sure with PFX i would have to check,

    but their is a plugin called Vertigo, which will do exactly what you need.
    It will allow objects to walk, drive over terrains and keep it together..

    Search Flay for Vertigo...

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    Thanx for that however there are some issues. I dont seem to be able to do it with PFX and so I have to clone a heap of walking models. Secondly it seems to be very slow. With just one walking model layout has slowed to a crawl, I can only assume what it might be like with 30+ models walking over the terrain. :\

    Are there any other ideas around? I can work with vertigo, but Id prefer not to.

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    You could try HD_instance, it's $150 but would work.. Check out Shaun Bishops tutorial which covers exactly what you want..


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    Ahh yes. I do remember seeing this tutorial a while back and spent a lot of time searching for it but never found it. I'm glad someone directed me to it. However $150 seems a bit much for something I was doing just to fill in time. However I will look into it. Thanks for the help guys.

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    maybe bugz can help you...

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    Are you mdscanning your object? The technique you describe was used to do many of the crowd scenes for The Last Samurai even over some uneven terrain.


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