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Thread: keyboard/mouse/joystick driven realtime recording

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    keyboard/mouse/joystick driven realtime recording

    keyboard/mouse/joystick driven realtime recording where you coud link up keys on your keyboard to morphs/move/rotate scale ..same with a joystick for puppetering a characters head/neck eyes and mouth with a realtime record capability to record your 'take' at realtime or half time or quater time with also tools to drop in and out plus thinning of data.
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    LW is already able to records mouse/tablet input in realtime for position/rotation/size channels. But I agree that some more advanced support and tweaks would be nice and other input devices supports (keyboard, joystick...)

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    but lightwave lacks a full toolset...

    no drop in and drop out range
    no user customisable pre roll
    'live or non live' inputs during pre roll
    no midi capability [midi to play channels of data from a keyboard or midi capable unit]
    no joystick capability [can be used for head animation with mouth eyes on joy hat and buttons]
    no thining of keyframe data on completion so making tweeks to recored results simple.

    lightwave could have a full puppeteering solution...that would set it apart from other apps...

    max already has all of the above btw but lightwave could go that one step further and bring it all together in a puppet module.
    real name: steve gilbert

    Q - How many polys?
    A - All of them!


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