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Thread: automated Slomo

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    nimma neu
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    automated Slomo

    Is it possible to create a one button on the desktop to start a script?
    Where can I find an example?

    What I like to do is to create an automated Slomo from Timeline with a shortcut or a buttom on th desktop:
    VTEdit is on Input 8.
    Script should work like this:
    1. Set preview 8
    2. wait60
    3. set costumized DVE
    4. Autofade

    so far no problem. But I want to start a DDR with a wooshsound simultanousley with auto fade
    parallel should start the timeline from cursorposition with slowest speed.

    I there a way to do that?
    Are there any real examples to learn from?

    Any help would be appreciated


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    The trouble with that is ToasterScript doesn't like to talk to multiple modules at once. Your first four steps are switcher related, but the slow play command is DDR related. You could do it with two buttons, or maybe two keyboard shortcuts. As for your sound effect during wipe question, are you using the DSK at the time? You could load an audio clip into a DDR, place it in the DSK with CUE in/out on and add some code to your sequence to cut the DSK on (which will roll the audio effect) and it should fade off when the clip is finished playing. So it might look something like this:

    For Switcher module:

    SetPreviewRow(8) // set preview to input 8
    StopTimer() // make sure the timer is off
    WaitCounter = 0 // set a counting variable
    StartTimer(1000) // start the clock, updating every second
    if (WaitCounter == 2)
    SetDVECode("0000") // set DVE (I think this is the right one)
    Auto() // auto transition
    DSKFade() // insert DSK to fire DDR sound effect
    WaitCounter = WaitCounter + 1

    I haven't tried that, but I think it would work. For the editor you would just need the play slow command. I'm not sure which one that is without being near the VT. You might also have to find a way to get the DDR to put the sound effect back in pause so it is ready for the next wipe. But that would be a separate piece of code too.


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    This may not be exactly what you are looking for but it may work anyway.

    I have been meaning to try this out for some time now. I finally made myself sit down and think through it. By using the VT-Edit utility Icons, I was able to create a DVE with Sound Effect. As you will see in the attached links, I created a VTEdit project that would play in DDR1. You could create as many opening and closing vignettes you want to. Just put them in different DDRs and switch between them by choosing the appropriate DDR input on the DSK layer.

    I didn't end up with sound on the screen captures but I believe you can get the basis of the concept.

    I first took a Transition that comes onto the screen and overtakes the full 720x480. For the example I used the spotlight flair. Instead of creating one from scratch in Lightwave or Aura, I recorded the Switcher output from switching using that DVE from black to black. I then placed the trimmed flair into my project. I lumakeyed the black out.

    I then added a preview utility to change the preview row to Input 8, my SloMo DDR2. (I would most likely have that DDR2 already playing slowmo before I executed this) The marker on the flair marks where there is nothing but white on the output. I then placed the Main Utility, also with Input 8 selected, at the end I place the DSK Utility to force the DSK layer to turn off automatically for me. I also placed another Preview Utility with Input 1 selected so that whenever I come out of the DDR2 playing Slowmo I end up back at my establishing camera shot.

    With the DDR1, (the one with the VT-Edit Project .vtp loaded in it) in Pause/Play with Cue IN selected, I can fade on the DSK layer which in turn starts the DDR1 while executing the DVE/Sound Effect along with switching inputs in the background.

    For fun I also put a Computer Audio Utility in the project and had the Audio Mixer input for DDR1 fade in and out perfectly. Threw in a little Left to Right pan action too. It was free.

    Seems pretty simple once you work it all out.

    having a RS8 would be VERY helpful, and also a Shuttle Pro to have someone cue the SloMo Playback. You could have an intro .vtp for DDR1 and an Outro.vtp from DDR2 back to camera. You could easily select which one you want in the DDR layer by pressing DDR1 and Alt on the RS8. DVEs just like the big boys with sound effects and all.

    Check out the links and see if they help make more since of what I described.


    Jef Kethley

    All models of TriCasters + 3Play, IPSeries
    Panasonic UB300 4k cams
    Tactical Fiber/converters, SDI2NDI converters, NDI-Viewfinder, and NDI2HDMI

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    nimma neu
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    thatīs really helpful many thanks!

    Will play around on weekend an let you know....


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    Good work Jef!! I knew there was some great otpions opened up by the switcher croutons in VTed!!!

    I hope I get to try this out soon!


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