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Thread: Triceratops Model

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    Triceratops Model

    Here is a Triceratops I am working on. I still need to redo the front feet and add some little details.
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    do you really care???
    looks like a triceratops for sure. are you using reference at all? i am no doctor of dinosaurs but the head looks a little stretched out to me.
    the flow looks pretty good but i think you could get rid of a few polys here and there.
    i recently figured out a way to clean up meshes a bit by spinning quads into a configuration where a point will be in the middle of an edge that is between two polys and then combining the two faces into one face. i think you could do that in a few areas and probably simplify the mesh and fix the poly flow up a bit. i dunno... i have only made about $100 give or take a few bucks off of anything i've made (total). i have made more teaching 3D at this point.
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    Reminds me of a 3 foot long clay trike I did once (horns are just stand-in temps).

    Nice work so far. Looking forward to seeing it textured!
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