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Thread: Displacement Painting in LW 8.x ?

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    Displacement Painting in LW 8.x ?

    For professionnal work, I'd like to know is any tool, plugin or Lscript were avaliable to get a Displacement painting effect as shown in this movie :

    Displacement painting tool

    Many thanks in advance,

    Best regards,


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    just create an endomorph in modeler where you move a plane with enough segments up a bit. You could also create another endomorph where you move the plane down for deeper areas.

    Then use the airbrush tool with the vertex map set to your up or down endomorph, and voila a displacement paint tool.

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    If you go through, Proton's videos, you will find a demo using the endomorph and airbrush to create a landscape.
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    But that only works on the vertex level, right?
    Are my spline guides showing?

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    Hmm, seems to me you should be able to write a morph to image plugin.... One which uses a UV map to determine where the morph maps to...
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    Hi there,

    this might be what you are looking for,


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    Quote Originally Posted by munky
    Hi there,

    this might be what you are looking for,


    Thats half the price of buying Silo. I feel a little sorry for plugin developers, it's all cut throat at the moment. LW usually has the ability for most things but some of its implimentations are simple dreadful for the user.

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    So, as I undertand, we have to note this Displacement painting tool in the wish list for LW 9.x !

    Many thanks for all your opinions,



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