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Thread: Having problems with LW? Check this!

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    Having problems with LW? Check this!

    Just some hints and tips in case something goes awry with LW.

    A lot of the problems people have on here with plugins/LW not working can be solved by examining the .cfg files LW uses. So on of the first things to try, BEFORE uninstalling LW (and screaming at your pc/mac) is to go to where these files are (usually in your documents and settings directory for Windows, I don't know where for Mac) and COPY them to another directory. Then DELETE one or more files which you think might be causing the problem, and run LW. If the problem is fixed, then something in that file(s) is set incorrectly.

    The main 4 .cfg files LW uses are:

    LWN.cfg - this is the config file for Layout, and contains preferences for it as well as the menu organisation.
    LWMN.cfg -this is the same, but for Modeler.
    LWEXTN.cfg -this stores the plugin information for LW.
    LWHUBN.cfg -this stores Hub info like where LW and modeler are on your pc.

    (where N is the LW version you are using)

    So if you're having problems with a plugin, it might be best to just delete LWExt8.cfg for example.

    There are other files in there, vtx3.cfg is the config for vertex paint, LWmotionmixer.cfg for, you guessed it, motion mixer....

    If you find either your LW.cfg is screwed or your LWM.cfg is screwed and have set up your menus/hotkeys lovingly, you can back the menus up into separate files using the Menu and Hotkey editors. I usually save these after changing something anyway to be safe. You can also export a preferences file from Modeler which will include the view preset Ctrl-keypad settings for a backup before trashing your configs. Then you can just load your menus/hotkeys again after adding your plugins and be back working within 20 mins.

    Some plugins like to store their settings in the content directory(which I'm not keen on as I move my content directory constantly) or the install directory so you might want to look there.

    Sometimes just adding a plugin can cause problems with others, so if something suddenly stops working when it was fine yesterday (I had one of those recently) try deleting the LWEXT.cfg and add the thing your trying to use again to see if it works on its own.

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    Great tips dodgy!
    I would also add that holy water and checking the entrails of owls can also sometimes help.

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    I keep a directory for each version's programs and Configs in case I have to fall back. I use a shortcut with target parameters like so:
    "C:\Program Files\LightWave [8.5]\Programs\lightwav.exe" -0 -cD:\LightWave\Configs\85_configs
    It keeps me from hosing up old versions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GregMalick
    I keep a directory for each version's programs and Configs in case I have to fall back. I use a shortcut with target parameters like so:
    "C:\Program Files\LightWave [8.5]\Programs\lightwav.exe" -0 -cD:\LightWave\Configs\85_configs
    I hope you don't mind me adding to this:

    -0 actually turns of the hub
    -c<anypath_if _contains_spaces_quoted> defines a new path for the config directory
    -p<anypath_if _contains_spaces_quoted> allows you to define a new path for the lwext#.cfg only, which contains plugin configurations.

    The later is great to share plugin set-ups with render nodes across a network.


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    Of course I don't mind!

    BTW, I use the -o because LW starts up so much faster and I'm not a huge fan of the hub anyway.

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    boy this should be STICKY! heh.

    heres my favorite:

    If your Dynamic Objects button is greyed out -
    You dont have to 'rescan' your plugins directory (which can cause problems if you happen to have multiple versions of some plugins you just happen to dump into a folder called 3rd Party Plugins or whatever), all you
    need to do is re-add the LScripts that are called from the those buttons.
    Basically all they are is helpers that do the manual work of adding a null,
    naming it, applying whatever dynamic you want to them, etc.
    depending on any tweeks you might have made to your directory structure,
    it should be something along the lines of:

    C:\Programe Files\Lightwave [8]\Plugins\lscripts\interface\layout

    and the files you want to add are:

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