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Thread: Save confirmation dialog

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    Save confirmation dialog

    Is there anyway to turn off the Save confirmation dialog boxes? I find them to be utterly annoying. I don't know of any other application that does this.

    I don't know why but this really irks me every time I go to save the scene and then have to turn around do it again to save the objects.



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    You might try changing LW to Expert mode. The setting is in the General Options > Alert level selector. I have mine set at Intermediate which keeps me from seeing an error mesage box when loading .tif images due to a change in the .tif image loader plugin for LW 8.3.

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    If you're bothered by the save dialogs in particular, there are plenty of scripts on this board which combine Save Scene and Save All Objects and do away with the confirmation dialogs. Just use the search function.

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    Save Scene & Objects

    Just a simple macro but it's very usefull (for once...). Use it to save all your objects plus the current scene at the same time. The script doesn't show any warning when trying to save the objects (cool!) plus it prompt you for a file name in case your scene hasn't been saved before (still cool!).

    You gotta love it! ;-)


    Have fun !
    Mourad K.


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