I'm starting a thread because although I have warmed to IK booster a lot, there are some issues which need to be sorted out to make it more productive.

  1. Motion Mixer IKB doesn't work with Motion Mixer! This needs sorting out asap, as the two main tools for animation in LW should work with each other! As it is, adding an IKB bone to a MM actor, means that IKB can't control that bone anymore, even if the actor is deactivated. IKB just knows the bone is controlled by a plugin and won't modify it! Not good!
  2. IKB handles These should be scaled according to bone length/object bounding box size. As it is, they're fine if you want to manipulate arms or legs, but get onto small dense areas like hands and they're too big.
    Also, they could do with disappearing entirely if you're in another tool mode, instead of IKB.
  3. Bone Dynamics This needs a 'Clear Bone Dynamics Motion' command which would clear the keys from any bones in the current IKB object which have bone dynamics on. It's a faff having to select the bones yourself and delete the keyframes. Maybe just limited to searching through the selected bones so you can keep some parts motion instead of recalculating the lot.
  4. Baking and Binding Autobind is great, like a kind of dynamic IK/FK switch, unfortunately there's one flaw. Only one branch of IK seems to get evaluated at a time. So if you pin 2 arms at the same time, one always slides. If you pin them both using fix and drag the body when posing your object, they stay rock solid, so there must be a way around this.
  5. IK Stop When you switch this on, key frames shouldn't be generated for anything above the joint in the tree when a descendant is moved, as the descendant shouldn't be able to move it or anything above it. Thus key frames are wasted.
  6. Selected option We could really do with a 'Selected' option to add to the Parent/child/all items options in the bottom left corner. Editing dynamics would be so much easier if you could select a chain of bones and just turn dynamics on or off, or set their weight etc. You can set all your object's attributes, or one at a time using this menu, so adding selected would be fab, as well as making it work with EVeRYTHING. So if you select all the joint of a finger, you can link all their pitch channels to one joint in one fell swoop. This would really make setup all lot quicker.
  7. Middle Mouse Button Selection I only use MMB selection for every other LW tool, as it stops me accidently selecting things when I'm trying to move them. This doesn't work with IKB. Please fix this, as moving joints can be painfull when LW selects something instead because of denseness of joints.