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Thread: Help Super Urgent !!!!

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    Help Super Urgent !!!!

    When I try to save my scene LW crashes, and corupts the scene file. all previous versions of the scene are now crashing when I try to save.

    I can see no pattern as to why this is happenning

    if I clear all objects from the scene it will save
    so I guess I'll start there.
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    You might look at the corrupted LWS file with Notepad, and identify what the last thing written to the file is. Then, compare this to one of your old scene files and see what's right after it. Then, concentrate your analysis on whatever *didn't* get written. If that seems OK, look at the last thing that *did* get written. Just an idea.

    I'd also look for something like 0 free space on the output disk.


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    That is an awesome idea. I will remeber that for next time.

    wheew … problem solved !

    I was gonna have a heart attack, 1 months of work dead line in a few days,… then crash all gone. I thought I was gonna have to rebuild the scene from scratch.

    what was really strange was all previos versions of the scene were crashing to.

    I figured out what was happening, after about 5 hours of wanting to jump out the window and go work at a bowling alley insted.

    I had like 5 different objects in the scene and all their weight maps were called weight 1, the main object in the scene had this weight map as well, it was'nt being used in any way it was just sitting there. then when i made a change to this object some how LW got confused.

    so the moral of the story is this.

    if an objects name is box and uses a weight map its weight map should be named box_weight if you have anouther object named donkey its weight map should be named donkey_weight. or something pertaning to the object Haveing seperate objects all refering to the same weight map name is asking for trouble.

    this was the scarest thing I ever had happen in LW

    thanks for the help.
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    "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." - Hunter S. Thomsan


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