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Thread: How can i create water ripples on my ocean object ?

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    Smile How can i create water ripples on my ocean object ?

    Hi everybody

    i have a very large plane 1km by 1m by 1km which has been displaced by

    procedural textures and nulls over 300 frames. In my scene i have a very big

    fish which swims to the surface, at camera then back into the deep.

    i want the suface of my sea plane object to ripple but for the life of me

    i dont know how to do it !. I have tried cloth fx But i loose my Displacement

    sea animation in the process. I have tried Ripple S which works fine on small

    planes but crank up the plane size and i ran into problems.

    If anybody could direct me to a clear tutorial on this or could help in any

    way then that would be great

    thank you

    Andy Gee
    God is a Lightwaver

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    Sounds like you may have added a layer to the displacement, but forgot to blend it with the previous layer properly. This will result in the new layer completely replacing the old one.
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