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Thread: dual Proc PC as a render node

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    dual Proc PC as a render node

    Hey everyone

    i have my new screamernet setup working like a dream ...

    my render node is a dual Xeon PC but whenever i run a screamernet render
    it only uses 1 of the processors..

    so i tried to run 2 nodes on the same machine one for each processor
    which works but only when i render one or more frame still only uses one processor

    how can i make 2 processors on 1 node render 1 frame..

    thanks a lot

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    From what I understand using ScreamerNet will not allow you to artificially multithread scene renders (multiprocessor on 1 frame).
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    launch 1 screamernet node, and make sure that the lightwave config file LW8.CFG it's reading from, is set to 2 or more threads. ('RenderThreads 4')then it will use your 2 cpus.. (check using the task manager)

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    As JML said:

    but it is far more efficient to use a rendermanager that can split up a frame (like TequilaScream) in multiple pieces, since there are several parts of the render process that are NOT multitasking. You can then put these tasks on 2 seperate processors...if you have sufficient RAM of course
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    Where exactly does the "RenderThreads 4" setting appear in the LW8.cfg file?
    I can't seem to get any change in performance (as if its being commented out but I am just adding the line as you specifed it above but without the quotes).
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    with the powerful program called notepad , search "RenderThreads" in lw8.cfg and you will find it

    (this setting is changed every time you close layout.
    so when you close layout, it put in the cfg file how many thread was used in the last scene..)


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