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Thread: VIPER and Transparency

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    Question VIPER and Transparency

    Forgive me asking this if it is something I should have already found (but a quick search or two brought up nothing). I am using VIPER to tweak some surfaces, but things that are transparent (a.k.a. glass) just render as the "background" color that the Surface Editor uses.

    For example, if I set the Surface Editor background to a checkerboard, the VIPER display shows my glass surface as a checkerboard. If I use black for the background, black shows up in VIPER.

    The glass I modeded is sitting in front of a plane with an image map on it. When I actually do a rednering (F9), I see the image "through" the glass, but VIPER does not show this.

    Am I missing something, or is this normal?

    I go now to read the manual......

    (I will come back to LightWave3D when the support Linux. Linux isn't going anywhere, guys. Time to accept it!)

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    this is normal. viper has some limitations.


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