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    Talking please help

    I am using the Dan Ablan 101 DVD and building the bike.
    I have the little triangle, the wheels with spokes ,and the
    peddle gear. I got the pivots set and all that stuff. Saved my model and then sent it to layout well Dan Ablan's layout was working just as fast as the modeler. When I transfered to layout and tried moving the time line it would only move very slow and
    the wheels completely disappear. All you can see are the boxes around the wheels and the rotation circles. Does anyone have any suggestions of what may be wrong and how I can fix it.

    It would be greatly appreciated.


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    In Layout, press <d> to open the display options preferences and take a look at the field called <Bounding Box Threshold> increase this number until the parts are visible when you move them. Usually just smack it up to 50000 or even 100000.


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