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Thread: Some basic Questions about lightwave

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    Some basic Questions about lightwave

    Hi, I might purchase Lightwave educational version as college is starting, but a few quick questions:

    1.Whats the difference between Academic and Educational versions (If any)

    2.Does it have any watermarks (editing, rendering or otherwise) or restrictions on saving files (special format only compatible with that particular version?)

    3.If I buy a Commercial upgrade, could it upgrade from the Educational version easily?

    Thank you very much

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    There is NOTHING different from the educational version than the pro version. The only limitation is that you can't use it to make money. You can render away to your hearts content and use any plug-ins etc. When you want to upgrade, just do it and you'll get the new version of LW along with your license converted to a commercial copy.

    It's what I and a million others have done, and it's a good deal. The only other app that comes close is XSI Foundation, and that DOES have some real limitations.

    If you're new to 3D the LW community is going to help you gain knowledge like none other.

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    I went the same route. I bought the educational version and then after I'd saved up for the full version (and two versions of lightwace had passed) I upgraded to a commercial version for the cost of the upgrade I was buying. I'm still a student and don't do any commercial work but it's nice to know the option is there.

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    Another option is to keep an eye on Ebay. Quite a few copies of Lightwave go up on sale both educational and full retail. Just be careful who you buy from and consider using escrow to protect yourself. I bought my my first copy of Lightwave off of Ebay for $1500 (this is when it was going for a retail price of $2500 so I saved a grand).


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    Yep, absolutely. Many of the items on ebay in terms of software are copies. Training material for that matter too.

    There are a number of sites that sell LW Educational for about $250 (my is one of them). You really should have to pay more for it than that. The educational version comes with a dongle, so if you do buy on Ebay, make sure you get original discs and dongle.

    Best of luck!

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    Thank you

    Thank you alot for helping me out, I have been checkin out ebay and they do have some New in box versions, which is what I may aim for, I try to avoid anything too wierd, some of the Maya and Max software are sold OEM without labels or anything for that matter or in other words "not original disks" lol, but I have seen quite a few packages that are new, come with all disks both software and content, dongle, reference manual, sooo I may just take a look at them, thank you for your help, I really do like the lightwave community and look forward to posting here, its a really helpful and friendly forum.


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