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Thread: RTV Raster size and field order?

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    RTV Raster size and field order?

    I am rendering out some animations with alpha channel from After Effects to be used on a Toaster 3 for live keying. I intend to render these as .tga sequences and send the disc to the VT(3) owner for Aura conversion. What raster size and field order should be used? 720 x 486, lower (odd) field first?

    Is there a way to render directly to an .RTV without Toaster software or hardware?


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    this is exactly what your looking for:

    "This will install the VT[3] file-format plugin for Adobe After Effects(R). This plugin allows After Effects installed on any PC to read and write NewTek's uncompressed .rtv video file format. This supports After Effects version 5.0 or later"

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    Awesome, thanks.

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    I'm still not sure what the field order should be set to. Upper or lower?

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    sorry, vt4 usually defaults to lower field.


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