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Thread: Q: LW8 from the Inspire->Lightwave7.5 upgrade?

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    Question Q: LW8 from the Inspire->Lightwave7.5 upgrade?

    Would the free LW8 upgrade rules apply to someone who upgrades their copy of Inspire to Lightwave 7.5?

    I own Inspire. I will spend the money here:

    $719.00 at Safe Harbor.

    'IF' I will be eligible for thee LW8 upgrade.

    (please say yes please say yes please say yes please say yes please say yes)

    Thanks to all for any responses.
    And this will help destroy the Earth, how?

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    I would think it would. I can't see how that wouldn't be. If someone just upgraded to 7.5 from any other LW version they'd be elegible for it so I would think that would be the same for you.

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    Ditto. It's an upgrade to 7.5, doesn't matter what the origination was. You'll have an order for LW 7.5 dated after April 1, 2003. That's all they care about.

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    Contact NT customer support by phone if you want to know faster, I think....

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    You shouldn't have to call. There's no question that he'll receive a free upgrade to 8, whether he's upgrading from inspire or Lightwave.


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