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Thread: I'm Back!

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    I'm Back!

    Hi guys, this is the former SamuraiSlayer back in the forums. The purpose of this post is not for a "welcome back" but for a little bit of an update on the advancements of lightwave in the last year. So please, give me a review. Thanks!


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    Hey Samurai, good to see you again.

    The last year I think has been fairly positive. Newtek has made good on their promise for more frequent updates and there have been 4 updates to Lightwave 8 since it's release (8.01, 8.2, 8.2.1, and 8.3). There has been some speculation as to what's next but perhaps we'll see something at Siggraph which is just around the corner. I'm curious about the 8.5 update myself.

    They have also hired some new talent including a few former developers/managers of Electric Image and also David Ikeda of Ikeda's powertools.

    As far as advancements in the software, I think these are the best things since Lightwave 8 was released:

    **Distortion on UV texturing of SDS models has been fixed with a new subpatch interpolation UV mode.

    **Viper's new mosaic rendering allows fairly quick previewing of volumetric Hypervoxels.

    **New anti-aliasing filters on Lightwave Renderer.

    **Multi-core processor support.

    **New text tools allow auto extrusion and bevel.

    **New blending mode for hypervoxel shading as well as new gradient mode.

    And if you're an FPrime user, Fprime received another update which increased rendering speed significantly.

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    thanks for the reply hrgiger, i'm gonna get those updates asap. also gotta find my fprime disc. i will say i think i'm a bit better now, getting a year's break from lw kinda helped.

    so the next project for me will be a logo and mascott-type thing for my computer repair business.



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