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Thread: Photoshop EPS Export for LW 8.3 Import

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    Unhappy Photoshop EPS Export for LW 8.3 Import

    I have some graphics in Photoshop (specifically Elements 2.0) that I'm trying to import as objects using ESPF Import in LW 8.3 in Windows (I also tried this in OSX).

    I realize I cannot include a preview choice from Photoshop (I get errors in EPSF Loader indicating the wrong format)... but when I try to import, it doesn't import ANYTHING (no errors reported either)! Am I using the wrong program alto

    It's like I'm missing some fundamental truth... on Windows, this is a fresh install of LW8, straight up to 8.3...



    P.S. I did a search on EPSF already and didn't come up with anything useful... other than reload Plug-Ins (which I did)
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    Ever Learning,

    -Brett Veenstra

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    The EPSF loader imports vector data, which you can manipulate with Lightwave's tools (ie., extrude, bevel, etc.). When Photoshop saves an EPS, it does not contain vector data, but rather, saves the file in raster format (bitmap). What ends up happening is you are basically trying to import a picture into Lightwave to try and manipulate, and that doesn't work.

    The solution is to use Illustrator or another vector based program to create EPS files, which will then import into Lightwave. It's a bit confusing dealing with EPS files, since they can be used for varied purposes and all have the same extension. Hope that helps.

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    Thanks for the tip... I had a fundamental misunderstanding I guess!

    Is Illustrator the only one, or can I use like... Macromedia FireWorks? What would I be looking for on the package for features?

    Ever Learning,

    -Brett Veenstra

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    Illustrator, Freehand and CorelDraw are the main ones used for vector illustration. Fireworks is sort of a hybrid vector/raster program. It can import EPS files, but, to my knowledge, it doesn't export EPS files. It's designed more for web graphics.

    If you are running on a mac also, you might try checking out this program called iDraw. I have never tried it, but they have a free trial you can download. It can export EPS files and may work well enough for Lightwave. If it works, the full version is only $40.

    Here's a link if you're interested:


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